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What is this all about?

This blog is intended as a hair and beauty review site. Personally, I love to follow beauty and hair blogs and so I thought I would start my own.



This is a great question. There are tons of other beauty and hair blogs out there--so why start another? The truth is, if you asked me years ago if I would have ever done something like this I would have told you no BUT I do love to help other people whenever I can and give advice when I'm able.

A different kind of review site...

I love seeking out blogs for reviews on products before I buy because I'm as frugal as they come! Oftentimes I find only a few sites out there that review the products I want to try. Also, being Canadian-based when so many blogs aren't doesn't make things easier! My hope is that my blog is different because I review products without enough reviews out there.


What This Page Is NOT

  • not intended for beauty guru type advice
  • not a hair journal type blog
I'm not a cosmetologist and cannot assess your hair or skin, but I can speak from experience and research.

Further Thoughts

Over time, the scope and format of this site might change. Until then, I hope my reviews will be helpful to somebody!

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