Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Review: Emu Dundee Emu Oil Chocolate Soap Bar

I first purchased the "original" version of this soap a year ago at Honey-Fig in Toronto for $8.99. This review is for a repurchase I made recently. I have been using this for two weeks.

What attracted me to this product was that it contained emu oil, something I've seen raved about on various hair forums. Of course many things good for hair are also good for skin.

Secondly, hello? chocolate? How could I resist a soap smelling like chocolate?

About the Company: Emu Dundee is a Canadian company based in Quebec. Which surprised me because I initially thought it was Australian for obvious reasons. Then again, given the huge amount of French on it, it's a dead giveaway that it is a "French" product.

Product Description: These bars are hand-made, all-natural  and are marketed for all-skin types including those with sensitive skin. The manufacturer also claims "therapuetic" qualities for improving general well-being.  The full ingredients include coconut oil, palm oil, sheep milk, emu oil, cocoa butter and powder and avocado oil. Sheep oil - the company claims - is great for skin issues such as psoriasis as well as aging skin.

My Thoughts: I love this soap! I was using another soap bar I got from the Bulk Barn a few weeks ago and when I switched back to this I immediately saw a difference. It is non-irritating and keeps my skin soft. In fact, I usually follow up with a lotion or body butter after showering but with this it really isn't even necessary. One downside that I noticed with my last bar is that after a while my skin seemed to have "build-up" much like what happens when washing hair with the conditioner-only method (co-washing). I think it may be a good idea to alternate between this bar and deep-cleansing bar or scrub occassionally.

As for the smell, it smells more like raw cocoa than chocolate candy. Nonetheless, it is pleasant.



  • All-natural product
  • Extremely  moisturizing!
  • Smells nice
  • Gentle


  • Not for vegans
  • Does not last a very long time--the last bar I had maybe only lasted a month. I'm hoping this one can last much longer
  • Can leave some build-up after a while
  • Expensive for a soap bar
  • Hard to find

  • Effectiveness:
  • Ingredients:
  • Moisturizing:
  • Cost:
  • Overall:

Recommend?: Yes!

Overall, I would keep buying this soap forever. The only thing that makes me reluctant is the price but I do believe it is worth it though.

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