Monday, 18 March 2013

Review: Darcy Botanicals Sweet Cocoa Bean Curl Smoothing Cream

I've been hunting for the ideal natural moisturiser. If there is one thing my regimen lacks it is this. So far, I use Giovanni Direct Leave-In but I'm not satisfied with it. On top of this, I need a completely protein-free and glycerin-free moisturiser for those times when my hair is overloaded (from protein treatments or henna) and the air is dry. That's when I came across Darcy's Botanicals (DB). I read a few positive reviews for DB's Transisitioning Cream (TC).  I chose the Curl Smoothing Cream (CSC) instead because both products contain coconut oil but according to the ingredient list, it had less of it. Many people believe coconut oil can make protein-sensitive hair feel dry.

According to the com:
Use as a daily or weekly leave-in to help detangle, moisturize, defrizz, and soften your lovely coils and curls. An excellent moisturizing leave-in cream which works great for all hair types. Also great as a styler for curls, twists and braids.
Smooth a small amount throughout dry or damp hair and style accordingly.
I decided to chronicle its effect for three weeks. I wash+deep condition my hair weekly.

1st Wash Day:
  • Used it following my first Bee Mine wash session
  • Waited until hair was mostly dry
  • Experimented by using CSC alone on one half of head, and other half sealing with an oil
  • Hair was amazingly moisturised for days; the side with the oil felt slightly drier 
2nd Wash Day:
  • Applied cassia obovata/henna mix on new growth only
  • Aubrey GPB conditioner on the rest of the hair
  • Applied CSC on damp hair
  • Reapplied CSC several times during the week and alternated with DIY hair spray
  • Hair still felt dry
3rd Wash Day:
  • Washed hair with rhassoul clay shampoo bar
  • Deep conditioned with Bee Mine
  • Once dry, used 'LOC method'--misted hair with DIY hair spray, applied light oil blend, then Elasta QP Mango Butter on one side and Darcy CSC on the other side for comparison purposes
  • After 4 days, the Darcy side is soft and moisturised and Elasta QP side is super dry

My bottle is out of shape after 3 weeks of use.


At this point I won't rate this product. Instead of giving it a "five star" type review, I'm simply going to break down some qualities and give my assessment thus far.
 I really do think it is best used on dry hair over damp or wet hair.  I've had my best results that way. Would I detangle my hair with this? Nope.

Smoothing & Moisture:
This product does seem to help my hair maintain moisture better than most other products. It goes on very greasy giving the impression that it will leave your hair feeling that way. However, once it absorbs it does make the hair feel supple and NOT greasy. It does help to smooth hair and control frizz. On the flipside, I feel like sometimes if you use it with other products (oils, butters, silicone-based products) it will not work nearly as well.  For excessively dry hair--it is no magic bullet. If hair is already soft from deep conditioning, it helps to keep it that way.

I wish so badly this came in bigger sizes and with a pump like the Transistioning Cream. The squeeze bottle makes it all too easy to pour out more than you want to use at a time.

It is reasonably priced for a hand-made natural product (I purchased for $12 US). Unfortunately, as already stated, the packaging does not help you to use it sparingly. Additionally, I feel like it may not last as long as I want it to because I am heavy-handed and have a lot of hair. At 8 oz it is exactly the same amount as the Qhemet Biologics Burdock Root Butter Cream (which lasted me 3 months) but I am going through it much faster. Giovanni  is cheaper for more product. That being said--CSC seems to work much better than Giovanni.

Like sweet chocolate cake icing. Does linger, but not overpowering.


Because this product is marketed for naturals and not relaxed hair, it can't be expected to work for my hair in the manner that I'm using it. It isn't a magic solution for my dryness yet but it is a very good product. Not sure if this will be a staple. I think I will try the Transistioning Cream in the future just to compare.

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